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We are mostly consulting innovation- and technology driven companies in the North-Eastern hemisphere.

Northern and Eastern Europe


Northern Europe

Within a span of just a few decades, Northern Europe has evolved to a vital, high-tech region with a leading position in the world. Despite its natural resource base, the future of Scandinavian businesses is said to lie in knowledge-intensive industries, where an advantage of its high general education level, its advanced technological development and sophisticated infrastructure can be taken. Information and communication technology (ICT), engineering, biotechnology as well as consumer goods are such sectors. The developments of those industries have been promoted by strong R&D activities and an extensive knowledge-transfer with foreign companies in form of joint-ventures and acquisitions.

Advantum, with an office in Tallinn and close relations to M&A advisors in the Northern hemisphere, has been offering M&A advisory services in Northern Europe for over four years.

Advantum advised on buy-side and sell-side transaction mandates as well as financing assignments. Main countries of activities are Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Due to our long transaction history involving Nordic companies we have an in-depth understanding of knowledge-driven industries as well as a cultural understanding for these countries, making Advantum the ideal advisory partner for you.



Eastern Europe

Despite recent set-backs Eastern European markets will continue to outperform more mature economies with a mixture of innovation, infrastructure improvements and productivity gains – supported by a strong natural resource base in some countries.

Advantum advised on buy-side and sell-side transactions as well as financing assignments in the Baltic countries, Austria, the former Yugoslavia as well as Russia.

Advantum serves the CEE region via its own offices in Vienna and Tallinn and has co-operation agreements with local partners in Ukraine and Russia.