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In every stage of your company’s life cycle we are your independent financial partner, always relating to your own experience from our own!


Over the last couple of years, traditional industries in Germany have experienced numerous challenges driven by the emergence of new competition (globally but also within Europe through the fast-growing Eastern European and Asian economies) along with rising energy costs and raw material prices. Those developments have contributed to M&A becoming an increasingly acknowledged strategic tool for re-shaping and developing businesses.


Our business segment "Industry" includes all M&A and Corporate Finance activities related to “old economy” industries. Advantum's professionals cover this wide sector by developing particular industry expertise in selected areas of key focus and priority. Numerous successfully executed transactions, extensive added value, and ultimately the development of relevant high level contacts are proof that the company's philosophy of putting client’s interest first through conflict free, unparalleled advice is consistently upheld.


Our clients comprise private equity portfolio companies / industry conglomerates as well as owners / entrepreneurs of mid-sized enterprises. We provide state-of-the-art sell-side M&A advice as well as buy-side advice, especially related but not limited to Eastern Europe.


We put particular emphasis on those segments where we have a deep understanding of the challenges and dynamics as well as the underlying business fundamentals, coupled with a deep understanding of the relevant investor universe and access to decision makers.


Our focus areas are the following industries

  • Furniture & Wood
  • Printing Services
  • Automotive
  • MRetail/E-Commerce/E-Travel
  • Engineering
  • PPE (Professional Protective Equipment)
  • Biogas



Felix T.M. Schauerte
Founder & Managing Director